Thursday, 31 December 2009

There's Nothing Like Country Music..

the tittle sum up everything's huh?
lame sgt dah xupdate blog....
last post was on September or August i couldn't recall..:P

anyway, i woke up this morning,decided to listen to country song on Yahoo! radio..
and tadaaa~ tak tukar2 smpai skarg.i know i still love country music:) long long loooooong before there's Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift...x caye kan? takpe,but i know I'm telling the truth.i grew up listening to Shania Twain,Sheryl Crow,Dixie Chicks, Rascal Flatts and whole lotta more..

so here i gave u,
The 4 reasons why I fall in love with Country music:)

1 . Every song tells you a story
yeap, its like kalau ade 10 lagu country dlm i-pod ke Mp3 ke,ade 10 cerita yg kite dgar hari ni - each with different story.and most of the stories touches my heart. tadi i heard a song from Darryl Worley - If Something Should Happen.

Buddy you and I go way back
Camp Lejeune, all through high school, and before that.
So I don't mind tellin' you I'm scared to death.
The doctor is goin' in on the 25th
It's the same thing my daddy had
Thank God they caught it fast.

But if something should happen
Stop in some time and say hello to Catherine
You and Marianne could always keep her laughing
Because shes gonna need a lot of that
Take her out to a movie
It's gonna take sometime before shes back on her feet.
I know you think I'll be fine and I'm talkin' crazy
But there's always that chance
That's why I'm askin'
If something should happen

see? it tell you stories..great lyrics and great stories..lagu nih mengisahkan sorg lelaki yg ade anak dan isteri,tapi die maybe akan mati xlame lagi.look at the 1st, he's leaving like some kind of pesanan laa utk kwan baek die.touching kan?

2 . The way they play their instruments.
camni la..kalau kite dgar lagu country, mesti dgar cam violin ke, atau bunyi guitar yg halus, atau ade bunyi yg kite xdgar kat genre music lain. its their 'fiddle'. Fiddle refers to any bowed string musical instruments, usually the violin, banjo or dobro.x pernah dgar kan? nih gmbar2 die..

yg Steve Martin pgang atas ni Banjo.yg bwah ni plak Dobro..

3 . The voice of the singer,and the 'country slang' itself:) cant deny this one.if you think of it,most of them has husky voice,sgat dry but very masculine.even if you don't have any idea whose the singer of the song,tapi u can tell by the voice that they are very unique.slang country mcm sgat catchy and best.dangggg girl!

and every time i heard one song,kalau lelaki yg nyanyi, i imagine they wear like plaid shirt,with banjo in their hand belting the song out with feelings to the songs.and kalau perempuan plak - she would be walking in a garden,with her hands touching every flower along the way, or even riding a horse with boots,cowgirl hat and a smile while belting out the ballads in the song....:)

imagine kan:)

4 . In a way,this genre kinda inspires me..
mcm bagi ilham laa when i used to wrote poem and suffs back then...and in a way,every time I'm in the mood for country music, that's when i wanna wrote give me different feelings every time.but one thing for sure, these country music always leave me smiling to myself:)

and it always tell me,somethings never my feeling towards country music,akan sentiasa mcm ni...i know i'm not one of the cowgirls,because aku nih pure melayu kot.and this post is not to lure you utk minat country song ke ape and i know xsemua suke dgar country,tapi everybody's different kan?

p.s :: here's some of the country song,yg i think u will like even though you're not a country's fan (click kat tajuk,nanti kluar link to that song:) go Nashville!
okay,that's all for this post.currently I'm in my study week,so nanti bulan january ade finals for sem 5.and then sem 6 - last sem in Jatinangor.huhu~ anyway,Happy New Year to all:)

Monday, 27 July 2009

Al - Fatihah buatmu Yasmin...

and hullo to this blog fellow readers... we know,khamis lepas which is on July 23rd..Yasmin Ahmad telah dikejarkan ke hospital..after she collapsed during her presentation kat Sri Pentas TV3 for an exclusive project [psal ape tah,im not quite sure.go google it urself]...according to what i remember from the news that night,she underwent a neurosurgery procedure to reduce the swelling in her brain..from what i read on the net,yasmin ade stroke and hemorhage on her that is why she was motionless mase dikejarkan ke hospital tu..

The operation was a success however her condition was considered critical but stable...die just unconcious laa waktu tu...i seriously thought she's gonna be okay tau...tapi,tuhan lebih menyayangi die,yasmin was pronounced dead on saturday,July 25th,pkul 11.25 pm...yasmin disemadikan di Tanah Perkuburan Islam USJ 22,subang jaya-Selangor....

walaupon Yasmin Ahmad ni xde pon blood related dgan aku kan,tapi still...i will feel her lost especially in TVs commercial ad's and movies that she produced..

i know some of us heard about those rumors and gossips telling people that she is a he originally,or that she went through a transgenders surgery overseas so that no one knows that she is originally a man...or what so ever laaa kan..

but regardless of what i heard,or whether those rumors are true or not,she still a legend for us malaysians...pengarah yg menyelami hati penonton2 dan pecinta industri filem yg tiada ganti...A storyteller from her own eyes,her own views...

Kaulah satu satunya
Di antara berjuta
Insan teristimewa
Patah tak tumbuh lagi
Hilang belum berganti
Kerana kau tersendiri
Kau kebanggaan kita
Kau budayawan bangsa
Engkau lagenda...

so,take 5 min to say our prayers for her,according to our own beliefs...utk org islam diluar sane,bacekan Al- fatihah utk Yasmin..tak smpai 5 min pon boleh kan? kalo michael jackson mati kite bleh gi konsert nyanyi2 bleh,xkan utk Yasmin Ahmad xbleh?


nih video yg aku paling suke laa kan...yg die wat...sejak dri tgok iklan ni la aku mmg suke bdoa kat public..korg tau la kan aku cmne...:D

source : wikipedia, the star online...the rest,aku edit sendiri with my own word..
ok..till next post...daaa~

Thursday, 2 July 2009

True said.

finally,summer holiday is here....yeyyy me!
and i'm back in my home sweet home...malaysia,ahhh~

i arrived on monday,8:15 p.m [malaysia time] as a result of delayed flight schedule by Air Asia when i supposed to arrived here before senja...well,it's really not a suprise for me after 2 years of studying here and dealing from delayed flight everytime i'm taking one..yes,everytime...but,what-the-heck la kan,i'm already here in,case closed!

anyway,i started my holiday with watching Transformers movie my ex-schoolmates [SMAKLians to be exact] and hanging out with them at mid valley on tuesday...

aik,baru je jejak kaki kat sini da kuar balik?

yes..thats what my parents said...but,i managed to get permissions from them..tapi mcm biase la,tpakse gune duit poket sendri..aiseyhh~

the next two days,wednesday and thursday - i've spend it in my room,watching True Blood dvd's,back to back..sorry ibu and ayah..this series is sooo addictive for me..hhehehe

anyway,TRUE BLOOD..citer ape ni? xpernah dgr pon? what's with it? this is a HBO original Six Feet Under,The Sopranos and such laa..and it brings "the vampires living with human" issues as a main plot for the story...mcm familiar kan? if u search in the internet about True Blood,most likely you will found lots of blogs and articles of a comparison between Twillight and this tv series..

Cover of the DVD pack..interesting eh? with these caption "thou shall not crave thy neighbour",wowww i say!

saje je nak promote citer ni kat sini sbenarnye.
..i would personally not recommend you to watch this series because of "18 sx" scenes in it [warning : lots and i meant LOTS] but i would suggests you to have a go at one episode or two..see if it attracts you to continue watching it..if not,then xpayah la nak go ahead habiskan whole season one kan,buang mase je..

a few still photos from True Blood...
this is a artificial-blood-drink from the movie..the vampire are force to drink this if they wanna live peacefully with the human race...anybody want one? ade type O,type A,semua ade..
hahaha..i thought so..:p

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer as the lead actor..
Stephen who? go figure..:p

Eric - Sherrif of Sector 5.. scary stares mr!

Jason Stackhouse...capturing a vampire for its blood..!!

well then,that's about it laa...nothing much pon..and yes,i have started my 2 months summer holidays with watching True Blood on my lappy! way to go dibah...hahaha..:P [not a best way to start a holiday kan?]

lastly,happy holidays for all UNPAD student,mainly Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi and Fakultas Farmasi...and for medic students [Fakultas Kedokteran] try your best ok if you are taking remedials and stuff in this holiday,all the best ok! bye all...later~

Monday, 8 June 2009

after a long pause........

nih gmbar time Karnival Sukan itu and my scooter,with nor...:))

i know,i know...i haven't post anything since April...

sorry people...been settling something lately,but then benda tuh nnti aku citer next post ok,promise..:))

right now,i'm currently in this 3 weeks final exam for this 4th semester...which is 2 weeks exam paper,another 1 week is for any remedial paper i have to sit..but what makes me happy and cheery now is not these exam week,but the weeks after that...
hahhaa..i tell u why! my best friend since high school is coming here to visit me here at bandung!! Ani nak dtg sini,stayin at my mini bungalow for 3 nights 4 days! with my another ex-high school,tapi ani xnak bgtahu...die nak buat suprise la katenye...yeah rite ani,we'll see...:P

walaupon niat sbenar mereka ialah shopping,no doubt la kan...tapi i'm still looking forward for that...can wait..:))

hmm...tapi utk minggu itu utk dtg,i have to sit through my exam weeks first..ahh~ hopes for the best dibah,come on! lpas diorg dtg, i will going back to MALAYSIA,my hometown for the summer holiday....yey me! sooooo cant wait for that!

ok,ok...enough already dibah.. i have to get back to my notes because my 2nd paper is on wednesday,DERMATOLOGY...huhuu~ wish me luck...i'll be back with another post right after i'm not busy...tapi xtau bile laa,hehehe...

in lurrrrrve with my new shade....saje promote kat sini...heheh~

p.s :: im addicted to Kris Allen - Heartless...this is actually Kanye West's song,but he did a really good cover of this song!! well,he isn't American Idol winner for nothing..:)) daaa~

Saturday, 18 April 2009

tak sangka weyh...=D

hmmm....kali nih nak cerita psal ape ek? well....ini antara pngalaman yg aku xleh lupa!

semalam,bsamaan dgn Jumaat-17hb April, aku ade Penyuluhan : Pencegahan Kesihatan...tmasuk dlm field work utk subjek BHBP sem 4 kali nih...dgn kata lainnye, aku kne pergi SD [Sekolah Dasar] dkat Cikuda utk berjumpe dgn murid sekolah utk bagi pnerangan psal Gosok Gigi dan Gingivitis...huhuu..

pagi jumaat tuh aku sgt nerves lah,sgguh pon rakan2 grup aku [tiqah afiq sanjit jaya tina] mgatakan beribu kali "ko ok laa dibah..natural,mesra je..." tapi still,aku neves lah,mungkin sbb aku takut bdak2 nih xpham ape aku ckap...aku bukan xreti cakap bhasa indonesia...tapi xdelah tiptop dan hebat,bese2 je...

Jam 6.45 pagi kitorg da kmpul kat dpan Indomaret Sukawening...[pkul 7.45 waktu smnanjung msia]...dan bjalan rmai2 ke SD cikuda...smpai2 bdak2 da masuk kelas...dan grup aku, Group 4 - Prevention of Gingivitis in Primary School...

kitorg dpat kelas plg tua antara semua grup...dan paling nakal...degil! maybe sbb mmg kitorg pnye target mmg primary school kot...Kelas 4..meaning Darjah 4 = 10 tahun!!!!

adehhhhh...kesimpulannye aku nk ckap kat sini ialah

  1. murid2 lelaki die sgat nakal.....adehhh!! ckap belah kanan,belah kiri plak main kad....ckap kat belah kanan,belah kiri plak tgah bgaduh... :S
  2. murid2 perempuan? sangat sangaaaaat la pemalu dan pasif! suroh gi depan xmo weyh....tsangat malu......huhuu~
  3. hmmm.....aku walopun suka PEDODONTICS a.k.a Pediatric Dentistry...meaning dentist specialized in kids, aku baru tahu yg kanak2 desa nih sgt nakal gak... tak sangka weyh!
  4. one word weyh......UNCONTROLABLE!
  5. but it was fun.....despite of me being restless and tired sangat after the program has ended,aku gembira....!!

anyway....aku tak sangka,it turn out well...a job well done...mcm aku ckap tadi..aku gembira laa...sbb nih kali pertama aku bhdapan dgn audience atas nama seorg ahli kesihatan yg berperanan sbgai bakal dokter gigi yg mmberikan nasihat2 dan penekanan ttg kesihatan gigi..and i managed to pull it off...with my team mate! wowooowo! a real dentist-to-be weyhh!

smpai disini saje post kali nih...later! maybe aku akan rajin utk minggu nih,post byak2....mane la tahu kan? *winkwink*

Saturday, 4 April 2009


weyhhh....ade bnde nk share secare rakus nih! tau la da lame x update n da lame xtulis post baru..tapi bnde nih btol2 interesting..utk org2 cam guwe!! *winkwink*

ok..skarg kite mmg sedia maklum ekonomi tgh merudum...for example malaysia la kan...agak byak yg dah menganggur sbb diberhentikan keje...and xdpt keje baru plak tuh...susah la gak keadaan skarg...sedey2..

anyway,tadi aku baru lah,ni lah baru aku ade mase nk on9 and bukak ym,,smenjak aku habis paper ke-3 dri 6 EXAM paper utk mid-sem 4 nih...[kire halfway through da la ni...hehee]

cuber bace artikel nih!

1. Women's Clothing
According to the Consumer Price Index, women's outerwear, shoes and accessories have all seen lower prices in February compared with a year ago. Recently, women have begun flocking to "value" retailers, according to Piper Jaffray retail clothing analyst Jeffrey Klinefelter. That means less expensive clothing stores can lower their prices through lower production costs, and more expensive clothing stores will be forced to have more sales and clearance racks.

nih aku jumpe kat yahoo! td..on top of the list tau tak ! dalam byak2 list item dlm "6 THINGS TO BUY BEFORE THE ECONOMY IMPROVES..!!"

klik kat sini kalo nk bace full article bout dat....*klik*

anyway...aku just nak pesan kat korg...belanja berpada2..walopun maybe anda x effect dlm krisis ekonomi kali nih sbb anda xbekerja lagi dan hanya makan duit mak bapak anda atau duit sponsor mane2 loan atau biasiswa...anda tetap harus berhati2 dan berjimat tau!!

*diharap anda pembaca tahu sy mngatakan ini kpd umum,nothing personal...kalo terase,sy seyes mntak maaf...maybe anda tlalu sensitip*

p.s :: tgok boots2 di atas...aku sbnanye da lame nk beli boot baruuu! n heels baru! aku kan mmg pggemar heels n boots! mind you~ adehh...ekonomi turun...tapi aku stil xdapek beli je aku rase...adeyhhh!!

bye for now...jap lg ade match liverpool vs fulham...daaaa~

Monday, 9 March 2009

Ikan - Tikus - Telur

weeeyhhh....sudah lame xtulis..mengapakah cik adibah?
A : aku busy,exam PHARMACO1 + PHARMACO2 back2back secara mngejut [bodo fkg ni]
B : aku malas menaip...malas online...malas bukak laptop..pokoknya MALAS dong!
C : tahu tak sem 4 nih schedule xbest? da la berterabur...moody memanjang!
D : xsuke dipakse update...lagi dipaksa,lagi la aku degil xmo update!
E : sumer di atas...hahahahaha!

utk pngetahuan rakan2 pmbace post ini,E adalah pilihan jwapan yg paling popular jikalau aku dah sah2 xtahu jwapan di dlm exam pharmaco1 tmpoh hari..huhu~

anyway,berbalik pade tajuk diatas! aku akan bercerita satu2..don wori...i keep it short n simple...sbb nk study lpas ni [ye lah tu?]

tggal 19 feb lepas,aku gi ikot hakim a.k.a roy merayau ke satu tempat yg aku selalu pergi sejak akhir2 ini...setelah hmpir sejam aku atas motor,kitorg pon smpai la ke CIMAHI [bukan nama tempat sebenar]...

lpas mkan kat KATJA PIRING,aku rase hepi sgt2...sbb kat bandung nih susah nk jumpe LaLa tau...haritu aku melantak "LaLa masak sambal Pulau Pangkor" kat katja piring tuh sungguh2..xdak gmbar utk dipamerkan kat sini...xsmpat amek gmbar,aku da habiskan Lalaitu dgn rakusnye...puassss~

then,kitorg jalan2 kat tmpat Cimahi itu...adelah sorg hamba Allah bgi kitorg satu pamplet dgn satu tulisan besar yg menarik...tetibe roy kate kat aku "jom try nak?"

aku hesitate gak sbnanye dgn ajakan itu..bukan sbb poket kering,tapi aku cm xmo je...alah ikan ni..apela sgt...roy dgn sungguh2 ajak aku lg,aku still kate xnak...lpas tuh die mgeluarkan ayat emas "ok lah..meh aku belanje.."

tetibe minda aku bergerak melebihi mulut dan pantas mgatakan,"ye la ye la...jom la!",kitorg pon ckap kat mas di kdai spa ikan tersebut nak try...

mula2 die basuh n lap2 kaki kitorg...then aku masuk kaki dulu...

zussss zusss zuuuus...ikan2 kat dlm kolam terus menerpa kaki aku yg da dicelup dlm kolam tuh...aku terjerit2 tahan geli...ya Allah...aku xsgka geli smpai cmni skali..aku smpai nk nangis tahan geli pon ade weyh..

sgguh2 aku underestimate kuasa Allah bgi kat ikan2 ni...bile teringt balik muka aku tahan geli time tuh,aku tergelak sorg2...lawak giler lah,kalo jerit2 malu la plak..tgh2 mall kat Cimahi plak tuh kan...

anyway,the 1st 10 min aku still jerit2 kecik kan...tapi lpas tuh aku da ok da...huhu...tapi mmg best laa..agak mahal la kalo dlm rupiah bnding dgn fish spa kat msia...tapi still,not bad..not bad little fish..

anyway,thanx aku ucapkan kat roy atas ajakan fish spa experience weh!

tggal 26 feb yg lpas...kitorg FKG 07 telah masuk lab pharmacology n buat eksperimen Routes Of Drug Administration [RODA] ke atas lab rat atopun name fofuler nye tikus makmal...

nk jadikan citer,tikus ni agak busuk laa..tapi kitorg pakse diri gak buat eksperimen dgn harapan dpt mmbuktikan teori Intravenous [IV] adalah the fastest routes for any drugs to effect the body....blablabla [aku malas elaborate lebey..bce lab report aku kalo nk tahu]

pnyudahnye,kami bergembire amek gmbar dgn tikus2 makmal itu walopun die telah mgigit jari aku...cisss~ tpi xdek pe pon..aku sapu betadine je [antiseptic] as prevention xjd pe2 infection..tu je laa yg aku nk cerita...pengalaman bersame tikus makmal..huhuu

kwan2 yg kepenatan membuat eksperimen tikus [poyo jer tuh~]

hmm...nih kisah kelakar sbnanye...

aku kelaparan giler tggal 3 march lepas..time tuh mlm tau..time black-out kejap2 tuh...[blackout yg kerap berlaku di jatinangor ini,aku maseh blom biasekan diri lagi...huhuu] anyway,aku pon tepon roy...ajak pi makan kat Tanah,kitorg pon gerak la gi kdai makan tersebut...

smpai kitorg kat sane,aku pon order la Mi Goreng Aceh...sedap tau...aku pon melantak la bnde tuh smapai habis..laporla kate kan..lpas tuh dtg la satu dish lagi satu...

'mbak..ini telur nya' kate waiter tuh...
roy da pelik da...'aik....half boiled egg? u order pe td?'
'telur stgah matang' aku jawab laa..

roy pon suruh waiter tu blah lps ckap thanx kat waiter tuh...aku still lg terkebil2 kat situ lalu berkate kpd roy...'xpaham la..die salah bgi telur kan,nape suro waiter tu blah?'

lpas tuh roy pon ckap..'nih kan kdai makan makanan Aceh...ckap pon mcm kite la, org u ckap telur stgah matang kan? so,die bgi la half boiled egg"

hmm...bagus la tuh...sbb kalo korg nk tahu,kat sini kalo kiter nak telur mata kerbau kite ckap 'telur stgah mtg'...dan itu lah yg aku nk makn sbnanye...bukan half bolied egg sperti yg waiter tuh bgi...

kesimpulannye,aku da telan da pon telur tuh...bukan salah aku mahupon waiter tuh..mmg aku salah gune bahasa la plak mlm tuh...hahahahaa..
inilah telur itu...salah paham betol...haish~

ok lah..smpai disini je....nnti ade satu lagi citer nk post ok,daa~

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Just dont...

some things...
fade away so fast,
you cant even blink.

some things...
slips easily through your hand,
you cant even retrieve it back.

some things...
just better left unsaid...

you know its hard,
when you are letting go,
when you try so hard to hold on,
when your faith left hanging by a thread...

dont say goodbye,
because you know it hurts...
dont say your last word,
because there's just so much to say...
dont say it...just dont..

this,all this,came out from nowhere...aku maybe tgh layan blues kat bilik ke ape,aku pon xsure...haha...tpi dis come fresh on my mind into this new posts...not sure you readers knows what it meants,tapi aku xleh nk explain...its too personal...huhu...

anyway,bak kate kak noddy,it's my blog,so xkisah la aku nk ckap pe,aku nk post ape...hak aku la kan..yep,dat's just so true!! bye for now,laterrr~

aku dgn khai sdg bermain time crisis 4 kat midvalley arcade sblah cosmic bowling tuh...aku terer weh,xckap bohong pnye...ade berani jom ah lawan!

thanx kawan2 ex-smakl ku for that one special day...!!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

It's been what? 4 years da wehh...!!'s been 4 years since i left SMAKL,which stands for Sekolah Menengah Agama Kuala Lumpur,my high school...yes,aku bdak Smakl satu mase dulu...

hari isnin lpas,aku hantar adik2 aku gi asrama...pendek citer,my youngest brother - Nabil,meneruskan tgkatan 1 nye di skola lame aku...i guess sbb boring sgt kot,i agreed to accompany my parents to send him to school that day...[yeke..bukan ko ikot sbb ko rindu smakl ke? hahahaa]

anyway,when i get there...i saw lots of changes wehhh...seyes ckap...1st bende yg aku nmpak ialah pondok guard yg baru berserta pak guard yg baru [da tentu2 xkenal aku],pintu pagar otomatik!! bukan nk ckp pe la kan,tapi dulu,pintu pgar tuh berbunyi kuat giler kalo org gerakkan pintu pagar tuh!! aku rase psal tuh la ustadz kamarul bleh tahu kalo org fly..hehehe..

tapi unfortunately aku xdek gmbar pintu pagar tuh,n pak guard,move on to the next thing...owh,kaki lima depan tuh dgn tasik E.L.S tuh [English Language Society] da pecahkan n guess wut,ade tangga besar giler yg tros direct mghala ke tgkat 2 - pejabat + bilik guru...hahahaa!! aku agak ternganga la sbnanye...tpi sbb jual mahal kat adek aku td xnak ikot gi smakl dpan adek aku,aku pon wat muke selambe...

padahal dlm hati aku,"oh...dulu xnak buat time aku ade...penat tau naek tgga..da la kelas aku sume kat atas"ko xtahu yg muke aku pnoh muke selambe yg fake waktu tuh...hahahaha..

anyway...byak sbnanye bnde baru...tapi kalo aku nk citer lebey2 pon,xgune gak..sbb ade pembace blog nih yg xpernah gi Smakl,atau xtau pon Smakl tuh kat mne,ataupon mmg da lame x g Smakl walopun dahulunye die pernah la gak bergelar pelajar Smakl...skola aku mmg x terkenal pon...hahahhaa..

byak gak gmbar yg aku amek aritu...dgn berbekalkan N76 aku yg hanya mmpunyai '2.0 mega pixel' aku pon mnjelajah skolah lame ku itu...dis it some of the changes that i manage to capture..

  • taman fotografi - taman kelab aku dulu,da xde..ganti dgn taman tmpat duduk ape tah...sob sob~

  • asrama putera a.k.a aspura - da warne hijau? ha'ah...tapi aku still rase geli nk gi sane..mitos zaman asrama dulu maseh bermain dlm otak ku...hahaha

  • Asrama puteri - hmm..aspuri gak da berubah tau..da jadi warne merah bata [mngikut lensa camera aku la,xtau la laen ikot mate korg kan]

  • Atap utk ampaian asrama puteri - yerp...skali lgi aku bising..."dulu aku ade tanak plak letak ampaian...asal hujan je aku kne balek asrama tau x? berlari2 dgn tdung labuh ku mnyelamatkan baju2!! not fair people..not fair!!"

  • Masjid Al - Falah a.k.a masjid Smakl - cube perhati leklok gmbar kt atas...plg mnyerlah mesti pgar luar tuh kan? baru,pintu kaca da xde diganti dgn pintu kayu..aku rase advantage die kat bdak puteri laa..[kalo lmbt dtg surau ke,xde la malu sgt sbb xnmpak 'jelas' cm pintu kaca dulu...hehehe]

  • papan2 Kelab,Sukan dan Permainan - da xde name aku kat papan2 nih...[weh dibah,of course laa..da bape tahun plak ko da blah...] ye aku aku xpedulik,aku nk letak gak gmbar papan tuh kat sini...tmasok gak dlm perkara yg berubah kan? hehehehe...sbb dulu aku Persatuan Pengakap,and Rumah Zuhal which is warna biru...tapi xsalah aku da xgune name planet,die guna name Ibnu Sina plak...merepek? yeah,tell me bout it...

walocmne byak skali pon perubahan yg berlaku kat Smakl secare lahiriah nye,there's still certain things yg maseh same..maseh kekal cmtu mcm dulu..tapi ade dua bnde je yg sempat aku capture dan abadikan dlm gmbar utk post kali nih...
  1. padang Smakl a.k.a Si Botak - dat is so truuuuuuue!! tgok sendri gmbar ni...dri dulu lg,pihak2 yg bkenaan cube mnanam rmput baru,xpon cube halang bdak2 dri bkelakuan ganas thadap si rumput di situ laa,ape laa..tpi still,maseh ade spot2 yg botak tanpa rumput...nk wat cmne...da naseb si Botak...hehehhee....

  2. Center Stage Smakl a.k.a Pentas Perhimpunan - hahahaha...dis is da one i really miss!! tu lah pentas org kene denda...dri mcm2 'jenayah' yg mereka lakukan...dari Fly smpai la yg ringan cam lmbat gi smayg [ringan ke? lu pkir la sndri..huhu]...and the place where assembly was held everyday kcuali isnin..

well...aku tau skola aku xfaymes pon...SMAKL bkan la SBP, MRSM atau Sekolah Sains yg dbanggakan2 media dan mata masyarakat [no offence kalo realiti]...tapi SMAKL tetap skolah aku dulu,and im proud to be one of smakl student for 5 years,and now ex-smakl...coz dat what makes me,who i am now...jgn nilai org,sbb die skola agama tp die xpkai tdung laboh pon...atau pakaian die xmelambangkan skola die ke...u dont have a right to judge a person kalo xkenal...btw,kalo nk tgor pon,tgor cara baek...jgn kutuk belakang...dosa bebbbb,lu pkir la sendri~

P. S :: anywehh...aku maseh lagi bercuti di malaysia smpai isnin ni...xtau akan ade post baru ke tak in between...kalo xde,ni la post terakhir utk cuti kali ni...btw,jadual next sem aku da bohsan je...tapi xleh ckap lebey2 la kan,xblaja lagi...huhu...till then,bye~

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Liburrr A.K.A Cuuuti...

cik savvy aku yg memain peranan penting dlm post kali ini...

salam...seperti yg 'donut cokelat' mentioned dlm post die bberapa hari lps...kitorg iaitu bdak2 FKG Unpad sdg bercuti...cuti sem utk masuk sem baru,sem 4... and yes,i'm back in msia..for 2 weeks...lame tak lame pon,lps ni da x balik msia da..smpai 'summer holiday' for 2months in June...[summer holiday laa sgt kat indon tuh...huhu]

anyway,aku smpai sini 23hb,which is Friday...ari ahad 25hb,aku ade invitation gi rumah nor [klasmet FKG aku]...kakak sulung Nor - kak Yan,buat Aqiqah a.k.a Cukur Jambul utk Irfan,anak die yg 1st..

pada hari yg same plak,jiran aku a.k.a senior aku gak kt smakl dulu - kak Dina mlgsungkan ptunangan dgn selamatnye...mule2 aku xmo pergi..sbb ye lah,i barely live here,ever since i small aku mmg dok asrama,hostel n bla bla sbb kan muke mak aku aritu meminta dgn penuh hrapan nye,xpe la..alang2 baju tradisional yg aku pkai sesuai utk both occassion...pergi je laa..

tgahari tu,tanpa planning yg betul2 rapi,aku call naz...mmndgkan afiq xreply msg aku kat pon xlayan...wazer pon xreply msg naz...aku amek kputusan,pick-up nazz kat kl sentral n go to afiq house...kalo die xde gak,kite blah je laa...

time aku isi myak dgn ayah pgi tuh,ayah ade pesan..
"kak...cermin keta driver savvy nih da slalu buat hal skrg...jgn tekan2 butang tgkap..kalo lalu tol pon gune smart tag je...xyah bkak tgkap"
"dulu pon slalu gak nnti die ok la kot yah...almaklumlah keta nasional..huhu.."kompiden je aku jwab time nih kan? little dat i know somethg gonna happen wif dis stupid window..

lpas aku beramah mesra dgn jiran kat rmah kak dina tuh,aku pon gerak la..da pkul 1.30 da nih..nazz pon msg aku die da gerak..she will be at k,.l sentral in less than 10 min je,rmah die kan dekat dgn kl aku pon gerak la dgn bce doa naek knderaan...

smpai selekoh kuar dri smpang rmah aku,tepon aku bunyi..."papp" tgn aku tertekan something...ehhh,nih bukan butang hp aku...nih butang tgkap keta...aku angkat phone dulu,bgtahu naz aku da on da way...aku da agak da die smpai dulu dri aku,huhu...letak hp tepi,then aku tekan tgkap keta...

ehh,xnak naek plak da....ahh sudah...nk patah balik rmah ke tak ni? ish,aku lupe...aku lupe!! ayah da pesan td... tapi,tapi...anis 'ter'tekan...haiyoo~

cm biase...aku da start gaban..tapi xgaban sgt ah[aku rase laa]...sbb time tuh aku benti kat tepi jalan jap..then aku try tarik tgkap keta tuh..ehh,berabuk plak tgkap keta nih..habis kotor tgn aku...hishh~ cmne nih...nazz da msg da...jap nazz,jap..i'll b ther...
"ahh....gerak je laa amek nazz papehal pon..da pkl bape da nih..." gumam aku dlm hati dgn risonye...
aku bukak tgkap...tutop aircond...dgn kelajuan 90-100 km/j aku pon menuju ke kl sentral...sabar nazz,i'm coming...smpai nye aku kt k.l sentral tuh,aku explain kat die bile die da masok keta...
"laaa..patut la lmbat...ku igt ko da eksiden ke pe td...lawak la wehh..xpe rumah afiq dulu...nnti kite try naekkan balik tgkap keta kat rmah afiq k.."

so...kitorg pon bukak la both tgkap side masing2 n tutup aircond...terjerit2 gak la aku n nazz dlm keta tuh...nk borak pnye psal..hahahaha...sesmpai nye kitorg kat rmah afiq...ketok cm nk mampos,xdek org kuar plak...xkan la gi Krabi...kate nk pergi next week? cm Ah Long mntak hutang gak la kitorg nih,jerit2 ketok pntu panggil name Afiq...smntare nazz dok pggil afiq,aku pon btgkus lumus naekkan cermin keta aku...aish~ dlm 15 min kitorg dok terjerit2 pggil,kitorg blah je la...
"kalo aku tau afiq gi Krabi arini..mmg siap laa...da la xbgtahu...kite dok terjerit2 pggil die kat rmah arini cm org gile...aku xkire,blanje aku Paparon balik bandung nnti...bru aku maafkan!"
"xkan la wehh gi Krabi...aish~ da la x bgtahu...aku pon nak gak la kalo cmtu,pizza Paparon satu!" bebel naz..

sepanjang perjalanan dri rumah aku smpai kl sentral smpai Subang seksyen 14,tgkap keta aku terbukak smbil kitorg dok mmbebel dlm keta tuh,wat bdak je la wehh...janji xbosan... nk bukak lagu rase cm MTV Pimp My Ride la plak...aku da separuh putus asa da bile nmpak Caltex seksyen 14..da nk smpai rmah nor da ni...stop jap kat bgkel caltex ni...mne tau die bleh repairkan tgkap keta...bgkel sume tutop,ye la raye cine la kan...

bile macha cuci keta kat caltex tu dtg kat aku,aku pon ckap la ape prob keta nih...macha tuh suroh aku start enjin...bile aku strat enjin,die pon tekan la butang tgkap tu..."eeeeett"...ehh,elok plak tgkap keta nih..

macha tuh da sengih2 da kat aku n nazz...aish~ mesti die igt aku yg tak reti tekan butang tgkap tu kan...dgn malu nye aku trus ckap kat macha tu..
"ohh..da boleh daa? td x boleh...thanx ehh...u ni mmg magik laa uncle" aku pon masok keta n teros blah dri caltex tuh...nazz da tergelak2 kat seblah..diam ah ko nazz..aku da malu da nih...

pendek citer la kan[da pnjg sgt la plak post aku kali nih...huhu]kitorg pon smpai rumah nor dgn selamat walopun dok berpusing2 dlm kwasan perumahan tuh dekat 15 min gak la...dok cri seksyen 14/7E pnye psal...huhu...

naseb mkanan sedap n tggal kitorg je jemputan yg dtg last...mampos la..janji mkanan da tggal utk aku je....thanx nor sbb invite kitorg...thanx nazz sbb sudi naek keta savvy aku yg wat hal itu...kpada Afiq...sian kitorg tau!! explain balik kat aku n nazz..tak kire...n paparon tetap paparon!! blanje laa ape lagi~

aku yg sedang hepi makan dgn nazz kat rumah nor...peace yo~

selamat bercuti kpada bdk2 FKG sekalian...dan selamat myambut Tahun Baru Cina kpd masyarakat TiongHua khususnye yg berada di Malaysia..Gong Xi Fa Cai..ANGPAU LAI LAI...hahhahaa~