Thursday, 31 December 2009

There's Nothing Like Country Music..

the tittle sum up everything's huh?
lame sgt dah xupdate blog....
last post was on September or August i couldn't recall..:P

anyway, i woke up this morning,decided to listen to country song on Yahoo! radio..
and tadaaa~ tak tukar2 smpai skarg.i know i still love country music:) long long loooooong before there's Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift...x caye kan? takpe,but i know I'm telling the truth.i grew up listening to Shania Twain,Sheryl Crow,Dixie Chicks, Rascal Flatts and whole lotta more..

so here i gave u,
The 4 reasons why I fall in love with Country music:)

1 . Every song tells you a story
yeap, its like kalau ade 10 lagu country dlm i-pod ke Mp3 ke,ade 10 cerita yg kite dgar hari ni - each with different story.and most of the stories touches my heart. tadi i heard a song from Darryl Worley - If Something Should Happen.

Buddy you and I go way back
Camp Lejeune, all through high school, and before that.
So I don't mind tellin' you I'm scared to death.
The doctor is goin' in on the 25th
It's the same thing my daddy had
Thank God they caught it fast.

But if something should happen
Stop in some time and say hello to Catherine
You and Marianne could always keep her laughing
Because shes gonna need a lot of that
Take her out to a movie
It's gonna take sometime before shes back on her feet.
I know you think I'll be fine and I'm talkin' crazy
But there's always that chance
That's why I'm askin'
If something should happen

see? it tell you stories..great lyrics and great stories..lagu nih mengisahkan sorg lelaki yg ade anak dan isteri,tapi die maybe akan mati xlame lagi.look at the 1st, he's leaving like some kind of pesanan laa utk kwan baek die.touching kan?

2 . The way they play their instruments.
camni la..kalau kite dgar lagu country, mesti dgar cam violin ke, atau bunyi guitar yg halus, atau ade bunyi yg kite xdgar kat genre music lain. its their 'fiddle'. Fiddle refers to any bowed string musical instruments, usually the violin, banjo or dobro.x pernah dgar kan? nih gmbar2 die..

yg Steve Martin pgang atas ni Banjo.yg bwah ni plak Dobro..

3 . The voice of the singer,and the 'country slang' itself:) cant deny this one.if you think of it,most of them has husky voice,sgat dry but very masculine.even if you don't have any idea whose the singer of the song,tapi u can tell by the voice that they are very unique.slang country mcm sgat catchy and best.dangggg girl!

and every time i heard one song,kalau lelaki yg nyanyi, i imagine they wear like plaid shirt,with banjo in their hand belting the song out with feelings to the songs.and kalau perempuan plak - she would be walking in a garden,with her hands touching every flower along the way, or even riding a horse with boots,cowgirl hat and a smile while belting out the ballads in the song....:)

imagine kan:)

4 . In a way,this genre kinda inspires me..
mcm bagi ilham laa when i used to wrote poem and suffs back then...and in a way,every time I'm in the mood for country music, that's when i wanna wrote give me different feelings every time.but one thing for sure, these country music always leave me smiling to myself:)

and it always tell me,somethings never my feeling towards country music,akan sentiasa mcm ni...i know i'm not one of the cowgirls,because aku nih pure melayu kot.and this post is not to lure you utk minat country song ke ape and i know xsemua suke dgar country,tapi everybody's different kan?

p.s :: here's some of the country song,yg i think u will like even though you're not a country's fan (click kat tajuk,nanti kluar link to that song:) go Nashville!
okay,that's all for this post.currently I'm in my study week,so nanti bulan january ade finals for sem 5.and then sem 6 - last sem in Jatinangor.huhu~ anyway,Happy New Year to all:)