Monday, 8 June 2009

after a long pause........

nih gmbar time Karnival Sukan itu and my scooter,with nor...:))

i know,i know...i haven't post anything since April...

sorry people...been settling something lately,but then benda tuh nnti aku citer next post ok,promise..:))

right now,i'm currently in this 3 weeks final exam for this 4th semester...which is 2 weeks exam paper,another 1 week is for any remedial paper i have to sit..but what makes me happy and cheery now is not these exam week,but the weeks after that...
hahhaa..i tell u why! my best friend since high school is coming here to visit me here at bandung!! Ani nak dtg sini,stayin at my mini bungalow for 3 nights 4 days! with my another ex-high school,tapi ani xnak bgtahu...die nak buat suprise la katenye...yeah rite ani,we'll see...:P

walaupon niat sbenar mereka ialah shopping,no doubt la kan...tapi i'm still looking forward for that...can wait..:))

hmm...tapi utk minggu itu utk dtg,i have to sit through my exam weeks first..ahh~ hopes for the best dibah,come on! lpas diorg dtg, i will going back to MALAYSIA,my hometown for the summer holiday....yey me! sooooo cant wait for that!

ok,ok...enough already dibah.. i have to get back to my notes because my 2nd paper is on wednesday,DERMATOLOGY...huhuu~ wish me luck...i'll be back with another post right after i'm not busy...tapi xtau bile laa,hehehe...

in lurrrrrve with my new shade....saje promote kat sini...heheh~

p.s :: im addicted to Kris Allen - Heartless...this is actually Kanye West's song,but he did a really good cover of this song!! well,he isn't American Idol winner for nothing..:)) daaa~