Thursday, 2 July 2009

True said.

finally,summer holiday is here....yeyyy me!
and i'm back in my home sweet home...malaysia,ahhh~

i arrived on monday,8:15 p.m [malaysia time] as a result of delayed flight schedule by Air Asia when i supposed to arrived here before senja...well,it's really not a suprise for me after 2 years of studying here and dealing from delayed flight everytime i'm taking one..yes,everytime...but,what-the-heck la kan,i'm already here in,case closed!

anyway,i started my holiday with watching Transformers movie my ex-schoolmates [SMAKLians to be exact] and hanging out with them at mid valley on tuesday...

aik,baru je jejak kaki kat sini da kuar balik?

yes..thats what my parents said...but,i managed to get permissions from them..tapi mcm biase la,tpakse gune duit poket sendri..aiseyhh~

the next two days,wednesday and thursday - i've spend it in my room,watching True Blood dvd's,back to back..sorry ibu and ayah..this series is sooo addictive for me..hhehehe

anyway,TRUE BLOOD..citer ape ni? xpernah dgr pon? what's with it? this is a HBO original Six Feet Under,The Sopranos and such laa..and it brings "the vampires living with human" issues as a main plot for the story...mcm familiar kan? if u search in the internet about True Blood,most likely you will found lots of blogs and articles of a comparison between Twillight and this tv series..

Cover of the DVD pack..interesting eh? with these caption "thou shall not crave thy neighbour",wowww i say!

saje je nak promote citer ni kat sini sbenarnye.
..i would personally not recommend you to watch this series because of "18 sx" scenes in it [warning : lots and i meant LOTS] but i would suggests you to have a go at one episode or two..see if it attracts you to continue watching it..if not,then xpayah la nak go ahead habiskan whole season one kan,buang mase je..

a few still photos from True Blood...
this is a artificial-blood-drink from the movie..the vampire are force to drink this if they wanna live peacefully with the human race...anybody want one? ade type O,type A,semua ade..
hahaha..i thought so..:p

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer as the lead actor..
Stephen who? go figure..:p

Eric - Sherrif of Sector 5.. scary stares mr!

Jason Stackhouse...capturing a vampire for its blood..!!

well then,that's about it laa...nothing much pon..and yes,i have started my 2 months summer holidays with watching True Blood on my lappy! way to go dibah...hahaha..:P [not a best way to start a holiday kan?]

lastly,happy holidays for all UNPAD student,mainly Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi and Fakultas Farmasi...and for medic students [Fakultas Kedokteran] try your best ok if you are taking remedials and stuff in this holiday,all the best ok! bye all...later~


dr hakim said...

i nak tgk gak....

nurul amalina said...

my blood type is O. hearty and satisfying? wuuuuuuu~ haha.

demang said...

dah tengok true blood whole season
sookie stackhouse mmg comey
full recommendation sape yg suke cite2 vampire.

ahmad nazirul amir said...

lol :p

duchess11 is DiBaH said...

dr hakim : nnti kite tgok eh..
tapi i da hbis tgok full season..

amal : ko kne tgok cite nih mal..
ntah hape jenis blood,sume ade weyh!

demang : tu lah..tapi cite ni kne beware sket..byak 18 sx..haiyoo~

amat : apekah?

FdausAmad said...

Gua nak ajak lu dtg kenduri kat blog gua.Folo baca doa skali pun takpa.